Baller Budgets

Spring Has Sprung

Hi all!

Sorry we have been absent this past month!  Things have been pretty busy at our house.  I can’t believe it is mid-March already!  Spring is in full swing in Holland, bringing warmer weather and beautiful flowers with it.  Just look at these beauties!

Speaking of warmer weather, I am...Read More »

5 Affordable Valentine's Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day is almost here.  February 14th – the day that commercial markets and advertising agencies have deemed as the most important day of the year to show someone you love them.  Social norms have taught us that February 14th is the day you should spoil your loved one, a.k.a. buy extremely...Read More »

Budgeting 101 - How To Get Started

As a new college graduate, paying bills was one of my greatest fears I had while in college.  Sure I had a job starting since I was a teenager that paid for any extras I wanted like clothes, (some) groceries, and bar money (okay, mostly bar money), but I was fortunate enough...Read More »