5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is almost here.  February 14th – the day that commercial markets and advertising agencies have deemed as the most important day of the year to show someone you love them.  Social norms have taught us that February 14th is the day you should spoil your loved one, a.k.a. buy extremely expensive gifts for them (i.e. jewelry, nice dinners, and expensive perfumes).

Instead of caving to commercial markets, use these ideas to show your hunny some love without burning a hole in your pocket.

1.  Create your own card / Write a love letter

You don’t have to buy an expensive card to show your partner that you are thinking about them on this day.  Creating your own card shows your partner that you put effort in their gift.  Break out the colored paper and glitter pens and create a card with a special note inside to add a personal touch.  You are guaranteed to earn “brownie points” when showing your S.O. you took the time to create something special, instead of just picking up a random card.

Crafting not your thing?  Write your partner a love letter instead!  Writting a love letter costs nothing and gives you the opportunity to express your feelings in the most traditional of styles.  Who said chivalry is dead?

2.  Avoid “Valentine’s Day” flowers

A very common Valentine’s Day gift is buying flowers for your significant other.  And guess what – florists know this!  Ever notice that a bouquet of roses costs more on Valentine’s Day than on a normal day of the year?  Florists add red and pink ribbons and boom! That $10 bouquet just shot up to $30.  When searching for flowers for your partner this year, compare prices of the florists in your area and check out the “Non-Valentine’s Day” flowers.  They are sure to be cheaper and just as nice!

3. Cook your favorite meal together

Making a nice dinner with your valentine is always a great idea. Going out to eat can be fun but if you are decide on going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you can bet the menu prices will be raised.  This year, stay in and try making dinner together!  Just imagine, being alone with your valentine, drinking your favorite wine, candles lit, music playing…This is for sure a way cheaper option and way more romantic. What valentine wouldn’t love this?!

4. Plan to spend the day together

Plan free activities with your valentine this year.  Watch that movie on Netflix that you’ve been wanting to see, go for a walk in the park, ride your bike around the neighborhood together, go window shopping in the city, volunteer at your local charity.  All these activities are free and best of all, you are together with the one you care about most.

5. Combine the ideas!

Because these ideas have low costs, you can combine them to give your valentine an extra special day. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Liked these ideas?  Tried them out?  Comment below and let us know how you celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending tons of dough.  Don’t forget to subscribe and join our mailing list!

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